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AC Tune Up & Maintenance

AC System outdoor unitRegular maintenance on the major systems in your home, is one of the most important money- saving practices for home ownership. A maintained system will perform more efficiently, while experiencing fewer breakdowns.

Many homeowners wait until their home air conditioner won’t cool before they call an A/C service company. At this point not only do they have to typically pay more for repair or replacement than they would have for regular maintenance, but may also find themselves waiting around on the hottest day of the year for the service company to call back or fix the issue. Having your air conditioning system put on a yearly schedule saves time and money. Regular maintenance will pay for itself in lower repair costs and more efficient operation.


Why it’s so important to maintain your Air Conditioning system:

Your cooling system becomes less efficient and reliable as it accumulates dust and dirt throughout the year – which costs you money in increased utility and repair bills. In fact, as much as half of your energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. It stands to reason that making smart decisions regarding your ventilating, and air conditioning system can have a large effect on your utility bills.

If the A/C unit is not running properly it may be working too hard, resulting in inconsistent air temperatures and reduced comfort.

Most manufacturers require routine maintenance in order to validate the warranty. Without regular maintenance you may be invalidating your warranty! Routine maintenance will protect you from major system repairs and maintain your manufacturer's warranty, so if you do have a problem you’ll still be covered.

When it’s properly maintained, you can add several years (3-5 years in some cases) to the life of your heating and air conditioning system, adding years of efficient use.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services:

At Absolute Zero, we know a well maintained A/C system will last longer, cost less to operate and provide maximum comfort. When you schedule an Air Conditioning Tune Up a certified A/C engineer will perform the following services on your system.

    Man fixing ac unit outside
  • Clean Indoor Evaporator Coil and Outside Condensing Coil
  • Clean drain lines
  • Clean Condensate pan
  • Inspect all electrical components
  • Lubricate belts, motors and bearings
  • Test temperature drop across coil
  • Check and adjust refrigerant charge
  • Inspect fan motor and blower
  • Inspect defrost controls and contactors
  • Inspect air filters
  • Check Heating element


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